Quality Policy

TRANSGLOBAL TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. W.L.L, exercise stringent quality measures of our performances, helping us to set a new benchmark. TRANSGLOBAL TRADING intends customer satisfaction by adopting the best practices such as, “best and fast service and timely delivery of quality materials & timely completed value-added projects. The valuable suggestion given by the customers in quality requirements for improving our service will be incorporated in our work process. This cycle of continual improvements keeps us alert in the profession and quick resulting the achievement of customer satisfaction who has confidence in our effort, professionalism, and dedication.

Trans Global Trading & Contracting Co is dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable and we are committed to a Zero Accident Policy. To achieve and enhance this commitment to our policy, and foster a culture of continuous improvement of our safety health and environmental duties, the following shall be followed.

We produce team spirit among our employees to achieve continuous improvement in our services. Coordination and facilitation of third party inspection, liaison with material testing laboratories, technical support and post-sales service to our customers form a part of our process.  

Transglobal trading has a warehouse of 6400 square feet with proper storage racks such as high rise pallet racking system, cantilever and heavy-duty beam racks for our stock ranges. We are equipped with 4.8 meter, height reach, and forklifts. The customer requirements such as material identification marks, tagging, Colour – coding, packaging etc, can be arranged on demand.

This process comprises and tests various steps which are not limited to the following and normally comes under the responsibility of the site in charge & store in charge.

  • 1. Emphasize the awareness and training of all persons working for, or on behalf of  Trans Global.
  • 2. The Health and safety of its employees, and other persons who may be affected by the company"s activities, are of foremost consideration.
  • 3. Take appropriate precautions to prevent all incidents, which may harm people, damage property and pollute the environment.
  • 4. Taking care of health of employees, ensuring safety at workplace and protecting the environment is everyone"s responsibility. The HSE personnel will work as catalysts to ensure that all sites' personnel fulfill their respective responsibilities.
  • 5. Materials should be tagged with the description, heat no, and the serial no. mentioned in the certificate that it will be easy to the concerned staff to remove the certificate from the file for issuing to the respective client accordingly.
  • 6. Materials should be stored in accordance to the type of product, their size and separate pressure rating or schedules   and different grades.
  • 7. Materials should be placed in the rackets with sufficient accessibility for identifying and dispatching.
  • 8. Materials should be arranged in the racket in a proper way so that it is easily accessible for identifying and removing.
  • 9. Materials ready for deliver should be kept in the delivery,packing area or final inspection before dispatch according to order from clients. Proper area for receiving delivery and inspection should be maintained and the material kept accordingly to avoid any confusion between the in-coming and out going materials.

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